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Am I a Wedding Cake Designer or a Wedding Cake Maker?

People often ask me what I class myself as, what is my job, what do I do? 

I am a Wedding Cake Designer. I am a Cake Artist. 

Not only do I bake and decorate delicious, beautiful wedding cakes using modern techniques and artistic skill, I also design every cake that leaves my kitchen, which makes me more than just a cake maker.  

There are so many types of bakers and businesses out there, all doing something different and offering different styles and types of products. This is great, as it offers everyone the choice of type of supplier they use for their big day and often provides different price points to match different budgets. 

For me, what sets me apart from the cake makers that you might find elsewhere, is that I personally design bespoke cakes for each and every one of my couples. Taking inspiration from my couples and their wedding, to design and create a wedding cake that fits seamlessly within their venue and their big day. 

Some cake makers will simply recreate a design given to them by their client, others may have a range of set designs that their couples can choose from and they can choose a colour scheme but may not offer a personalised option. While none of these options are bad in any way, they are different to what I do.

Couples will often come to me with lots ideas and Pinterest boards filled to the brim with wedding cake images, especially those who may not have any clear direction for their cake. And this is where my role as a Wedding Cake Designer really comes into its own. Whilst I will happily look at and discuss the designs and ideas that the couple have saved, it is my role to turn the specific elements they are drawn to, along with drawing inspiration from their into a bespoke design, unique to them and their wedding. 

I use a mixture of hand drawn and computer generated sketches to provide each of my couples with their bespoke wedding cake design. Some couples want to be heavily involved in the design process, so by offering computer generated designs, I am able to easily adapt my designs until my couples are 100% happy with their cake design.  However, many of my couples want me to have more creative control and want the surprise on their wedding day, so whilst I will still provide them with a sketch, the final design that arrives on their wedding day may be an evolution from that initial design. I love this additional element of surprise and excitement that I can offer to my couples.

Whatever you chose, however you want your cake to look, when choosing your cake supplier, make sure they are right for you and your wedding. I am a firm believer in “that feeling” you get when you meet your perfect wedding suppliers. 

If you think I may be your perfect Wedding Cake Designer, please get in touch.

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