Love Is Sweet and so are our New Dessert Tables!

Love Is Sweet and so are our New Dessert Tables!

Over the last year I have met with countless numbers of couples and their families and to my surprise, there are lots of people in this world who do not like cake! (I know, total madness!) But this got me thinking, does a ‘normal’ style wedding cake suit everyone? And the answer… no, of course not. Wedding cakes, like all aspects of the industry are not a one size fits all element and so I decided that I wanted to offer something a little different for my clients and I believe that my dessert tables will do just that.

Meeting with a Bride and Groom, discussing their dream wedding cake and the Bride stating, “I don’t actually eat cake, at all, ever” and not even wanting to try wedding cake samples was the moment I decided to add alternative options to my cake offerings. During that consultation the Bride to be explained that she loves small sweet treats like macarons and cookies but would not be eating her own wedding cake. While a wedding cake is not the most important aspect of a wedding to every couple, I felt that the Bride may be missing out, not only on the enjoyment of eating her wedding cake, but missing out on this aspect of the planning.

We offer cake options to suit those with allergies, so why not offer options for those who don’t want or like cake.

I discussed the other options that we could look at and the Bride’s eyes lit up. She had never heard of this being an option and suddenly became very excited about her wedding cake and the sweet treats that would surround it. Her parents and fiance also loved the idea and I immediately got to work on this new, exciting avenue of my business in order to offer this wonderful couple something that would fit with their tastes.

It has taken the last 6 months, lots and LOTS of tasters and time to develop and perfect the recipes for each element I offer and now that they are finally ready, I am very excited to officially launch my dessert table range.

From Macaron Towers and Donut Walls to Honeycomb, Marshmallow and Fudge, our range of sweet treats provide something a little different for everyone to enjoy and can be a standalone offering or paired with a beautiful wedding cake. Everything you need to know can be found on my Dessert Tables page.

Naked Dessert Table

I am very excited to be offering this new range and hope you will enjoy my treats as much as my friends and family have enjoyed being my guinea pigs for the last 6 months 🙂

Love, Chelsea xx