Occasion Cake T&Cs

Occasion Cake T&Cs

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Occasion T&Cs


Chelsea Buns Creative Cakes – Terms and Conditions


You agree to pay Chelsea Buns Creative Cakes the price as quoted on your confirmation booking form and invoice, email, text or social media message.


The full balance is due prior to the cake collection or delivery date as arranged at time of booking. Failure to make full payment prior to collection will result in the cake not being handed over or delivered.

Payment methods accepted are Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer. Cheques are to be made payable to Chelsea Buns Creative Cakes and sent to the address above. Please allow an additional 5 days for cheques to be banked and cleared. Please write your name, address and wedding date on the rear of your cheque.

Direct bank transfer can be made to the following account:

Chelsea Buns Creative Cakes
Account no: 84662425
Sort Code: 558107


Unless otherwise requested and arranged in advance, occasion cakes are required to be collected from our home kitchen at an agreed time.

Chelsea Buns cannot take any responsibility for any damage sustained to the cake during transport, delivery and subsequent set up at the venue. The cake becomes the sole responsibility of the customer once it has left my premises.

Delivery of an occasion cake can be arranged in advance (subject to availability) and will be charged dependant on delivery location.

If we cannot deliver the cake because there is no one to receive it or if the venue details are incorrect the cake will held for a maximum of 24 hours at my address. Should the cake not be collected or is unable to be delivered after this period, Chelsea Buns has the right to resell the cake.

Stand/Knife Hire

Chelsea Buns have a range of cake stands and knives available for hire. All stands require a deposit in addition to a hire charge which is fully refundable on return of the hired stand. The hirer is responsible for returning the hired equipment to Chelsea Buns within the agreed timescales. Any damages will be deducted from the deposit. In the event that the damages are excessive, or a loss has occurred then the deposit will be retained.

Chelsea Buns will, when agreed, enter into a 3rd party hire agreements for cake stands/knives, however, additional costs will be incurred to cover our time and costs in arranging the hire. The client will be fully responsible for any holding deposit required in 3rd party hiring.


Chelsea Buns offers an extensive menu of Gluten free, Vegan, and nut free cakes. Please advise me of any allergies at time of making your order. Your cake will be made in a premise which handles nuts, Chelsea Buns cannot therefore guarantee absolute nut free. Allergy information will be provided with all orders.

Colour Matching

Whilst every effort is made to match colours for icing, ribbon, flowers and other decorations, it is not always possible to match them exactly. Colours will look different in different light (natural, artificial and time of day), on different devises and are also subject to personal interpretation. Chelsea Buns colour interpretation is final.

Naked & Semi-Naked Cakes

Whilst every effort is made to make your naked cake/semi naked cake as fresh and moist as possible, over time and depending upon the weather and warmth at your venue, your cake may start to become dry. Chelsea Buns take no responsibility for this and will provide the best moist cake possible. Due to Food Hygiene regulations it is not possible to use fresh cream or any cream cheese based fillings in these cakes. Alternative buttercream or frosting will be used.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers provided by third parties should be provided with the ends sealed ready for insertion into the cake using food safe flower picks or for placing on the cake. Chelsea Buns reserves the right not to use any flowers that are deemed unsuitable or those which have not been prepared appropriately.


In the highly unlikely event you have cause to complain, no cake must be eaten. You (or the venue) must call us immediately and return the cake to us so that we can inspect/evaluate the issues. If the cake is eaten, either wholly or partly (i.e. more than a couple of mouthfuls) we cannot accept any complaint.

Weather / Traffic

Should we be physically unable to deliver your cake in circumstances such as and not limited to: snow, flood, Operation Stack, traffic jams & road closures, hurricane, accidents, we will inform you as soon as possible. We will explore all other roads in order to get you your cake but accept no liability for our inability to deliver the cake or lateness under circumstances that are unforeseen or out of our control.

Storage of Fruit Cakes

Chelsea Buns cakes do not support the storage of fruit cake beyond a few weeks. Should you decide to keep it for longer, you do so at your own risk. If you intend to keep the fruit cake, please notify us at the time of booking so we can ensure that the fruit cake is sealed and not punctured in anyway by decoration or by stacking. We take no responsibility should you decide to keep the cake without informing us, especially if you have chosen the tier to be any tier other than the top one.

Storage of your cake

Chelsea Buns recommends that store your cake in the cardboard cake box that is provided at the time of collection/delivery. Your cake should be eaten within a day or two of your celebration (cutting of the cake), if it has been wrapped well and stored in a sensible way. However, Chelsea Buns takes no responsibility for how you store the cake or for the condition of the cake going forward. /p>