Occasion Cake FAQs

Occasion Cake FAQs

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Occasion FAQs



All cakes are hand made to order and every order is unique. The cost of each cake is dependent on many factors such as flavour, design and size and will there for be priced on a cake by cake basis. Celebration cakes start from £50.


The full balance is payable prior to collection or delivery of the cake. Cakes will not be delivered or released until full payment has been received.

Direct bank transfer can be made to the following account:

Chelsea Buns Creative Cakes
Account no: 84662425
Sort Code: 558107

Alternative methods of payment such as Cash or Paypal can be made if arranged in advance. Cheques may be accepted however, funds must have cleared fully before the date the cake is due.


Delivery and setup can be arranged for an additional cost dependant on the distance. Set up of cakes will be priced accordingly dependant on the location and the amount of set-up required. There is a minimum delivery cost of £25.


Cakes can be collected directly from Chelsea Buns Creative Cakes home kitchen at an agreed time. Please note that collection of your cake must be made at the agreed time. I cannot guarantee that collection will be possible at an alternative time unless collection times have previously been agreed.

The cake will be ready for collection on the morning of the date requested. If you need to collect the cake the day/evening before your event you must advise me of this at the time of booking to ensure that I am able to have it ready.

Cakes and decorations can be very fragile and must be handled and transported with great care. I will make every effort to make sure that your cake is secure and is as stable as possible.

Chelsea Buns Creative Cakes can take no responsibility for any movement or damage to a cake once it has been collected or once I have delivered the cake.

I would NOT recommend transporting your cake in the footwell of your car or that it is placed on the seat of your car – the angle and movement may affect the cake during transportation. Cakes should be placed on a cool flat surface (in the box provided) away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Using a non-slip mat will help to avoid movement of the cake during transportation. I would advise transporting your cake in the book of your car – please ensure there is nothing in your boot that can fall onto or knock against the side of the cake.

Cake Care

To keep your cake at its best for longest please store your cake in the cardboard cake box it is collected or delivered in.

It should be kept in a cool, dry place away from any heat sources, steam or moisture. Do NOT keep you cake in the fridge as this will cause the icing to become wet and sticky and will affect any decorations on the cake.

Do NOT keep your cake in plastic tub or box as this will cause the cake to sweat.

Your cake should be consumed within a few days of collection/delivery and once you have cut your cake keep this wrapped in cling film and stored in the cardboard cake box.

Leftover cake can also be frozen if wrapped in layers of cling film and defrosted thoroughly before consumption. Chelsea Buns cannot be held responsible for the effect freezing and defrosting may have on your cakes.

Upon collection or delivery of your cake you will be told about any non-edible items that will need to be removed before cutting and serving the cake. These may include:

  • Cake Dowels
  • Candles
  • Flower sprays as these will include wires and non-edible elements
  • Flower Picks – used to keep the flower sprays in place on the cake
  • Supports within toppers and models
  • Supports within toppers and models
  • Wires